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Piercing the Veil of Secrecy about Meles Zenawi’s Health Status: A Challenge to EPRDF Members

Posted by Jawar on August 1, 2012


Nothing has seized the attention of Ethiopians across the aisle than the whereabouts and status of MZ’s health or biological death. I deployed the term biological death to distinguish it from his political death, which requires the concerted effort of all freedom seeking Ethiopians to send revolutionary democracy to the cemetery together with its godfather. I intend to challenge EPRDF members by raising some fundamental questions about how this issue has been so far handled.

     EPRDF members nominally claim that Ethiopia is a fledgling constitutional democracy although they usually love to emphasize about the developmentalist nature of the state. The hallmark of a constitutional democracy is the transparency and accountability of government. May I remind you that the FDRE Constitution unequivocally provides under Article 12 that “[t]he conduct of the affairs of government shall be public and transparent.”

     Isn’t notifying the whereabouts of an absent chief executive to the people an ‘affair of government’? The Central Committee of TPLF answered this question in the negative when they decided to hold secret meetings in Finfinnee probably over the fate of their leader and the succession plan recently. For them, MZ’s incapacitation or death is a private affair that concerns TPLFites at the top brass. It is none of the business of other rank and file members and ordinary laities of TPLF to know in detail about MZ’s condition.

     To the dismay of the junior partners of TPLF, (OPDO, ANDM and SEPDM) the arrogance of the Central Committee members of TPLF was displayed not only through their exclusive meetings but also the fact that it is TPLF old guards who have no formal position in the government that dare to speak about MZ’s status publicly. The wider Ethiopian public is totally ignored though before two years it ironically gave them a 99.6% vote in the national parliamentary election.

     Why all this secrecy if EPRDF members truly believe that there is an institutionalized succession system entrenched in the constitution?  The secrecy about MZ’s condition speaks loudly that MZ is not ‘on vacation’ or in a ‘good and stable condition’ as they would like us to believe. We are not going to fall prey to their propaganda machine from Bereket’s office, Sebhat’s balcony or the headquarters of Amare Aregawi especially when ESAT is telling us that it has already found the ‘black box’ containing information about MZ’s demise. But self-respecting members of EPRDF from OPDO, ANDM and SEPDM should take charge of this issue and announce the truth to the Ethiopian people who have the right to know about their dictator. Why should TPLF be allowed to run the show alone when Ethiopia is at the crossroads of choosing between a clean transition to ‘government of the people’ and ‘government for few elites from the golden race’? Otherwise, we, the concerned citizens, are prepared to file a HABEAS CORPUS petition to the Fed Court in Lideta to bring his body or MZ alive from wherever the TPLFites hid him. 


11 Responses to “Piercing the Veil of Secrecy about Meles Zenawi’s Health Status: A Challenge to EPRDF Members”

  1. Wellabu G. said

    URGESSA G. TURA; Let it be as you wish. Let’s assume that Meles is dead, then Minilik will come to power. Hope you got my point on the fate of you and your blood line. It is so!

    • Ben Roba said

      @Wellabu, why do you play such a fatalistic card? What is up with this kind of fear-mongering attitude? No matter how it has been manipulated by TPLF, the federal system has changed Ethiopian politics once and for all. There is no way whatsoever that a 19th century type chauvinistic hegemony will reign over Ethiopia. Plus it is so medieval to try to invoke such a rationale as ‘bloodline’ to try to counter such a brilliant point as the one Urgessa raised in the above article.

      • Dro Alex said

        @Roba, I would say you are so optimist. Just tell me one opposition in Ethiopia now who supports federalism. I just want to remind you about Kinijit. How ppl supported this party with all its anti federalism agenda. My friend raised a good point there is no fear in his point thats the ideology of the current oppositions and also majority of Urban dwellers in the central parts. You are just being optimist. They are accusing TPLF for one main point. They say it devided ethiopia , they say it gave flags for different ethnic groups. They rarely mention the fact that he is not implimenting the constitution as it is written. These ppl have problem with the constitution itself. So, it is better to think of the options you have ….

  2. Dro Alex said

    Urgessa, it is better to wonder our fate than talking abt this guy. For us it is better he is alive. Even among the TPLF ppl, he is the only one who understood the concept of federalism eventhough the guy is cruel in some ways. So, I think it is better to wonder about our fate rather than blowing whistle with those who are salivating for power, we dont have a problem with the constitution(it is golden including art 39) , we just need implimentation. The whistle blowers are those northern ppl who think Ethiopia is all about them, who think they are the only one who deserve to talk abt ethiopian politics. It is amazing they still have morale left to talk about ethiopia having ruined the history of ethiopia over centuries. I am thinking outloud dear Urgessa. I hope u got my point

    • Urgessa Tura said

      @Dro Alex,

      Our fate is inseparably tied to Meles. Let me remind you few of his crimes and how he subjugated the Oromo people: he invented a satellite party for us in order to make us politically unrepresented in his gov’t; he installed a tribalist security system that racially profiles each and every self-respecting Oromo who dares to speak about his God-given freedom and natural rights; think for a while about the torture crew and death squad of Zenawi that focus on committing atrocities disproportionately on Oromos; what about the shift of political geography of famine to southern and south-eastern Oromia; more than any time in history of that country look at how Oromia’s resources are recklessly rewarded to foreigners who are ruthlessly exploiting it – a case in point is our gold resource offered through an opaque deal to the Saudi robber baron name Alamoudi; people, let’s wake up Oromos were systematically driven out of Finfinne and all the land surrounding Finfinne is expropriated by the Tigrean mafia from our Shewa Oromos; Oromo intelligentsia is a suspect class reduced to second-class citizenship or terrorist, if you will; Meles didn’t give us the superficial language or culture autonomy we are exercising now; we got these fruits from the gallant fighters of countless Oromos who gave their dearest life for our cause; why should Meles or his TPLF take credit for the current ethnic federalism; EPRDF had only 32 (I guess) seats in the Transitional Council of People’s Representatives out of the 80 seats where OLF was given around 12 seats and played a monumental role in formulating federalism; it is unfair to give the credit for federalism to Meles and his racist TPLF. So with the inevitable demise of Meles and his co better days are on the horizon for Oromos. We are not fearful of any group whether the revisionists of Menelik’s era or the Tigrean warlords.

      • Dro Alex said


        I completely agree with what you say.
        1. Meles is doing all those cruel things, ofcourse it is true. I am not against all these facts.
        2. Oromos fought for their freedom , nobody fought for oromia except OLF. THis is also crystal clear.

        I totally understand the point you are making, we are also not afraid of anything, no earthly power could stop united Oromo.
        The point I was making though is, I dont think any party or any person is ready for the absence of Meles. You might ask me why?
        Here is the thing, I am not saying meles is the one who brought the notion of federalism in ethiopia. It is not his legacy in any angle you see it. But, atleast the written federalism is there because of him eventhough implementation is the opposite. There is no other indivisual from TPLF who understood the concept as he does. So, the written federalism will be at stake in his absence unless united Oromo parties who stand for this notion of federalism come to the scene. It is not something we sit and say , we are not afraid. We have to be ready for this. Anything that can happen , happens! I am saying if some things are not sorted out with the existing opposition, the remaining TPLF leaders(TPLF without Meles) and the oulook of the dwellers in centrals, the federalism happens to be at stake. I am not saying this out of fear or insecurity. I am just seeing the gap. We have to do something to avert this. It just doesnt feel right , to sit back and fantasize the death of this indivisual like the power seeking ppl are doing right now using ESAT or different medias. We have to be ready for this. The ppl which are blowing the whistle on the death of Meles are those ppl with previous regime attitude, i.e One ethiopia concept. I am saying this incase you didnt notice that. That is exactly what happened with Kinijit, PPl were so happy with the idea of TPLF loosing power rather than thinking what implication it has for them. Many oromos were decieved into voting for Kinijit because of the urban big mouth influence, not aware of what implication that had for them. I am feeling the same thing here. We gotta be ready before fantasazing about the death of this person. In addressing these, I am not saying I am in favor of Meles or TPLF. Just rational thinking…

  3. Dro Alex said


    I am just a highschool student. I have heard many statements from the people who say they stand for oromos and who say they have the clear picture of the problem of ethiopia. I have heard many of them , I also follow media very much and also read a lot. However it is such a pity that nobody understands what exactly is going on in ethiopian politics. For the first time , I cant stress this enough , for the very first time, I heard a man with the right view and understanding of ethiopian politics. Unfortunately , he is a white man. The person who wrote the book “Ethiopia, the two Frontiers”. If you are historian or politician or journalist you gotta read this book or atleast tune into the following link I sent you. It is really a pity this understanding came from a foreigner , I dont know what is wrong with us getting the right picture. @Urgessa, also play a close attention to the journalist taking the interview, you might recognize him. You can see that he was not interviewing , rather he was engaging in a defence of the idea of a pure scholar who happened to reviel the fact about ethiopia. As a journalist he is was only supposed to listen to his views. This time he was defending, he was even loosing his grip at times during the interview. Thats them. thats what I am talking about. Just see when he says that ethiopia is divided into tribes and nationalities and as he tries to talk the scholar out of his thinking. thats them. these are now the ppl who are blowing the whistle for the death of meles and think to take the power. They claim they deserve to take the power with such attitude.
    Dear Urgessa, pls listen to the interview untill the last moment. thats what I am talking about . This is the opinion of almost every central dweller and diaspora’s also. They still think like the olden days. Meles is atleast aware of this situation, ofcourse he is aware of this situation just because of his own sake , that is for sake of tigrian ppl. No matter why but he knows the intention of this ppl who try to bring back the old regimes. In his absence, you can imagine what follows….. thanks for hearing me out …

  4. Dro Alex said

    Sorry , this is the link

  5. Dro Alex said

    sorry again, here it is

    • Urgessa Tura said

      @Dro Alex,

      Your thoughts are very clear and well taken. But I am afraid that your worries are a little bit overblown. My hunch is that many of us (young Oromos) were the victims of politics of marginalization. The vocabulary we hear in the political discourse of Oromia/Ethiopia is about our victimization. I am afraid we have de-emphasized our present capability and potential whether in terms of human capital or material endowment. I tell you we are in a better shape than any of the revisionists who speak loud in their media outlets. Media is very important to convey your political message but it cannot substitute ground level political work. When these guys make big noise in the media, we might be scared and deluded into believing they are a Goliath. But ask yourself why the shout group was striving relentlessly to line Oromo political organizations with itself in the last two years. Simply they have understood that we are the best organized team who can do a lot on the ground. We may not be as good as them in shouting our cause to others but I assure you that we are better organized; we are a force to reckon with if EPRDF led government cracks. I am tired of opinions that undermine the capability of Oromos. The Oromos of today are not those of the pre-1991 era with low level of consciousness about their political aspiration. You can easily read that from the very fact that TPLF faced persistently strong resistance to its chauvinistic rule from Oromia than anywhere else in the nation. Whoever talks on TV screen is not the best candidate to replace Meles regime. Replacement of Meles regime is obtained through a hard and perhaps bloody political fight on the ground. And Oromos are ready for that than any political group. My friend don’t echo TPLF’s fear mongering tactic of ‘oh, if we leave, the revisionists of Minilik’s era will exterminate you’.

      • Dro Alex said

        @Urgessa , just to wind up my thoughts. I don’t get why you keep mentioning fear. I am not undermining the capability of anyone as well. This is just Murphy’s law: If anything can go wrong, it will. Unless you are doing sth to avert it.(This is a fact , not fear (deal with it)) I am saying do sth instead of waging your tongues over the death of someone or speculating what the disease might be. Thats all I wanted to say! Besides, I may assume that you or anybody has that level of preparedness specially at this time to do all of those things you mentioned above to take over power. But then I am only being naive. Lets be open to opinions at times, lets face facts than showing off over sth that doesnt exist. Do sth and then I know you can do it…
        First of all clear your presumption about my motives (dont be assuming, just try to read what I say) , I am not saying sit crossed hands and be under woyane otherwise you suffer the wrath of the revisionists. If you really can, do it when he is alive ( thats even better) or even after but dont humour me with the speculation of weather he is dead or alive 🙂
        Only time can teach a person who is not open to see the other side of a coin. cant talk more … thanks dear elite !

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